How Good Do I Want To Be?

I think it’s safe to say without appearing pretentious that I’m a decent runner.  Just like I know that there are any number of runners that I look up to and whose pace I wish I could match, I know that there are some runners who would like to run my speed.  Here’s what I also know, I have been letting myself get content with my spot in the running world.  And why shouldn’t I?  When you look at the world at large, I’m certainly a heckuva lot fitter than your average Joe out there.  So why shouldn’t I eat that (second) piece of cake?  Why shouldn’t I let myself skip a workout?  Why?  Because I can be better than that.

If you go back to my high school yearbook and look at my entry, you’ll see a quote that should be familiar to most runners, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift,” which is a Steve Prefontaine quote.  It has taken me until literally this moment to realize that you don’t need to be a superstar for this quote to apply to you.  For some, sacrificing the gift may mean running a 17 minute 5K when 15:30 was within reach.  For others it might mean running 35 minutes when the chance to break 30 was there.  You don’t even need to be a runner for this quote to resonate with you.  But you do have to make a choice in realizing your true potential and taking the steps it takes to get there, or…not.  As an example, I can run hard workouts and follow a plan, but if I’m still eating crap then I’ll never get to where I can get to.  And maybe that’s ok, if that’s what I want.  But it’s frankly not possible, at least for me, to not be aware of what goes in my body and still expect to achieve and surpass my goals.  Of course, nutrition is just one part of extra-running (so to speak) activities that contribute towards reaching one’s potential.  Proper recovery methods and getting enough sleep are just two others (note I will never get the proper sleep part and have given up on that component).

So, to get back to the original question, how good do I want to be?  Good enough so that I never feel like I’ve sacrificed whatever gift I’ve been given.


One Response to “How Good Do I Want To Be?”

  1. Goatie Says:


    Nice blog entry. Our Coach FBraz calls it “doing the little things”

    Hope you are doing well — Goatie

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