Big News All Around!

I got a double dose of big news in the last week that I am happy to share with all of you.  First, I learned that I’ve been invited back into the Brooks ID (Inspire Daily) program, this year as a Race Director. This will be my third year as an ID member and I’ve been very grateful to Brooks for the opportunity to represent a great brand these last few years.  Not only have I been very pleased with the product, but Brooks has given me a lot of support to help me help my local running community.  For those curious, I train in the Brooks Adrenalines, ST Racers, and Pure Flows.

The next big piece of news is that I will be running the 2012 Boston Marathon for the second time!  In return for providing a great deal of volunteers to the BAA, they give my running club, the Shamrock Runners, 4 numbers to dole out as the club sees fit.  After some hemming and hawing, OK, a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided to throw my name in the hat and see if Lady Luck was in my corner.  After finally having decided to enter, I had really gotten my hopes up on running Boston this year, so it was a great relief when I heard my name called.  I am very grateful to the Shamrocks for the opportunity to run Boston in 2012.  My first time running it in 2009 was a fantastic experience, difficult though it was, and I’m hoping to better my time this year out.  I’m also grateful to my wife, Rebecca, for giving me the green light to run even though it means a significant time commitment.

In what may be an example of “be careful what you wish for,” I know that this now means a long winter of hard training so that when I toe the line in Hopkinton I will have put myself in a position to succeed.  I have a mix of excitement, anxiety, and outright fear about what lies ahead of me, but I am looking forward to the challenge and am going to be sure that I focus my mental energy on all the great things about running this historic raise, as opposed to thinking about rough winter training and the aches and pains associated with it.  I hope to use this space to track my progress, and announce my charity plans for the run as well.  Above all, I hope to continue to Inspire  Daily, even I’m only inspiring myself!

Run Happy!


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