New Year’s Day Run

One of the great benefits of being a member of a running club  is the chance to meet runners who inspire you to do things you might not do otherwise if left to your own devices.  As a member of the Goon Squad Runners, there are many such runners, but one in particular is the man known as Thunder God, or Thor Kirleis.  For the second year in a row, Thor organized a New Year’s Day run along the full Boston Marathon Course and invited others to join him on his crazy/ridiculous trek.  Because I’m training for the full marathon myself, I didn’t want to risk injury by doing the full marathon, even if it was going to be at a slow pace, so at roughly the last minute, i.e. 2:30 p.m. the day before, I e-mailed Thor asking if I could jump in halfway through and run them in the rest of the way.

This run was not one for speedwork, or for pushing beyond barriers and bringing on the pain.  This was a run built around the idea of camaraderie and the great feeling you can get when running with some people you know, some you don’t, and really just having an experience that can’t be replicated.  To begin with, we had absolutely amazing weather, not just amazing for New Year’s Day in Boston weather, but amazing weather for any run, any time of year. I ran most of the time with Thor, though I did manage to drop him a few times on The Hills…when he went back down to run them again. One of the great things the group did was, no matter the gap between us at the time, we would stop at every town border sign to get a group shot.  For example:


Running the course again for the first time since my one and only Boston Marathon, I was flooded with memories from Patriot’s Day 2009.  We passed the spot where I saw Rebecca on the course, a miracle in and of itself, where we saw my running buddy Vaughan’s parents, where I remember getting somewhat choked up with the realization that no matter how long it might take, I knew I was going to finish the race.  I have to say my favorite moment though is the time you can first see the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square.  Being a longtime Boston Red Sox fan, the Citgo sign is one of the landmarks of Boston for me.  That, and it means your day is almost at and end.  Thor was nice enough to get a great shot for me.

Passing through Kenmore, we took the final right on Hereford, left on Boylston, and made our way to the finish.  I ran ahead to get a video of the group that ran the entire way coming in, after which we took a final finish line shot.

Everyone was in excellent spirits at the end and, after grabbing some dry clothes, we headed off for a celebratory pint or two at Solas Pub in Boston.

All in all, this was a fantastic way to start my 2012 training.  Many thanks to Thor, Mr. Methane, and rest of the intrepid crew for a great New Year’s Day run!


4 Responses to “New Year’s Day Run”

  1. ironboy Says:

    Awesome write-up, Yeti. And you know, the feeling was totally and completely mutual. I am so glad that you e-mail the day before, and I am thrilled that you joined, because you added such a positive shot of energy to our group and especiall…y me since we got to run so much of the way together. Loved catching up, talking shop, and I will never forget when you stopped in mid conversation to point out that special place where you saw Rebecca and again that point on the course where the Citgo sign comes into view. I actually thought of getting a picture of you there but, well, the Citgo sign was all too far away, meaning the picture wouldn’t have come out as intended. Let’s do it again!

  2. Raina Says:

    That IS a fantastic start to 2012 training!

    My experience at Boston 2011 was bittersweet. I would love to return there some day. The sign of Newton brought back some powerful memories…where my sister and friend met me with signs during my race. By the time I saw the Citgo sign I was desperately trying to stay alive, lol.
    I am a teammate of yours as well- through Brooks. Thought I’d come by and check out your fantastic blog. Run Happy!

  3. Ken Skier Says:

    Great account! My hat’s off to all of you for ringing in 2012 the very best way!

  4. New Year’s Boston Marathon « Thor Kirleis Says:

    […] Michael Robertson blog – Awesome Run Report w/pictures: here Thor’s FB photos: here Video #1 – Ashland – Mile 4: here Video #2 – Citgo – Mile 25: here […]

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