Everyday Sources Of Inspiration

It’s easy to be inspired by the best runners out there.  Ryan Hall is an unparalleled talent who struck out on his own and continued to get better, regardless of what you think of his personal beliefs, which are just that, personal.  Meb has gotten better with age and showed Nike they made a big mistake by winning the Marathon Trials in Skechers.  Desi?  I challenge you to find a way she doesn’t inspire.  Sage Canaday, a guy who puts himself out there, seeks to maximize his personal talent, and demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit that will be sure to lead to post-running success.   As a Brooks ID runner, I do my best to set a good example for other runners and proselytize the Run Happy philosophy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by others.

Every morning on my drive to work I see the same group of runners out on the roads of Andover.  There are two in particular who couldn’t be further apart in terms of speed and “runner aesthetics” but who inspire me equally.  The first guy is quick, lithe, and runs with power.  You can tell he is a man training for something with a purpose.  The second guy is, well, the opposite.  He’s a big guy who runs at a pace that one might call “plodding.”  You won’t see him in tights, or minimalist shoes, or a running jacket.  Instead, on the coldest mornings, he is out there in his golf pullover, baggy basketball shorts, and MAYBE a headband.  Personally, I love my running clothes and “looking like a runner.”  But neither speed nor clothes make for the stuff of inspiration.  It’s these two guys who get out on the road every morning and run their pace for their own reasons to accomplish their own goals, whether it’s breaking 19 in a 5K or finishing a 5K (neither of which I know to be these two gentlemen’s goals).

These two guys make me want to be a better runner.  They make me want to ditch the comfort of the treadmill and hit the roads in the cold more often.  They inspire me without the need for logos or slogans.  Run Happy gentlemen, and continue to inspire daily!


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