Why Your LRS Matters/Thank You Marathon Sports

Let’s be really honest with ourselves.  At some point, we have all checked out something in person at a brick and mortar store only to then go online later, or sometimes even while still in the store, to find the same item cheaper online.  In times like these, it’s tempting to save a few bucks here and there.  I have to imagine this is particularly true when it comes to local running stores (LRS) where people go in, get a personalized shoe fitting, and then later find them on sale on some website.  Here’s the problem though, if we all keep doing this, pretty soon we won’t have our amazing running stores any more and then we’ll have lost all the advice we’ve relied so heavily on in the past.

Now, granted, to say I’m into running shoes and gear is an understatement along the lines of “the Pope is into being Roman Catholic.”  I devour every shoe guide I can get my hands on, check out industry newsletters, read blog reviews, whatever I can get my hands on in an effort to keep up with the latest and greatest technological developments in the world of running.  I still need a helping hand picking out what to run in at the end of the day, and when I need that helping hand, I turn to Marathon Sports.  Within a few minutes of walking in the store, you’re sure to be greeted by one of their friendly staff.  Despite the fact that I’ve gone through their fittings many times over now, I never pass up the opportunity to get a new gait analysis, just to see if maybe something has changed since the last time I was there.  They start by observing you walking and then make an initial recommendation based on that.  Next they’ll watch you run in the various options they present to see how each sneaker works for you.  Of course, they can only watch for things like pronation and it’s up to you to figure out fit and feel, but it’s nice to have an observer tell you what things look like in your stride.  What I’ve always appreciated is that the staff are willing to listen to your own suggestions if you have something in mind and never, I mean never, try to upsell you to the most expensive shoe on the wall.  A shoe fitting at MS feels more like a collaborative process, where you work with them to find the best shoe for your needs.  Rather than just wanting to make a sale, you get the sense that they want you to run happy.

Here comes the second part of this entry, which is a huge thank you to Marathon Sports, and in particular a gentleman named Nick Littlefield.  If you get the MS newsletter, and you should, or Like them on Facebook, which you should, you have Nick to thank.  Marathon Sports is a dedicated supporter of the running community, sponsoring many local races, hosting group runs, giving discounts to charity runners and club runners, allowing groups to post their flyers and handouts in their stores, and any number of other things.

Thank you Marathon Sports for your personal contributions and your contributions to the running community at large.  Runners, wherever you are, continue to support your local running store, even if it costs a few more bucks, because Amazon.com can’t comment on your gait and you can’t go for a group run at an online warehouse.

Run Happy!


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One Response to “Why Your LRS Matters/Thank You Marathon Sports”

  1. Pro Gait Analysis Says:

    Great post and very well done on the fundraising! Best of luck for the race!

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