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The Boston Marathon has come and gone in one ridiculously hot near 5 hour rush.  I’m sure I’ll get around to writing a race recap of it soon enough, but for now I wanted to announce my new personal challenge.  I’ve now run two marathons, both Boston, in 2009 and 2012.  I cannot honestly say I felt that I reached my potential for either marathon.  This shouldn’t be confused with disappointment in how I performed in each marathon.  Both times I felt like I gave the actual race everything I had on that day and could not have done anything more to improve my time.  That said, I was disappointed in my training leading up to both.  I had my reasons in 2009 that I won’t revisit here.  This time I felt relatively good about the number of miles I put into training, but not the quality.  Simply put, I did everything wrong, despite the sage advice of Rebecca.  The biggest, most obvious, and most egregious mistake was logging roughly 99% of my miles on a treadmill and not doing any hill work, which obviously caught up to me during the marathon.  Simply put, I don’t feel like I’ve yet given myself the absolute best chance to have a good marathon and I’m dying to know what I can accomplish when I have.

Being from West Hartford, CT originally, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of the Hartford Marathon.  It’s in October, which means a good shot at nice weather.  It’s also supposed to be a fairly flat course on which many of my Goon Squad teammates PR’ed.  So, it is on the streets of Hartford (and West Hartford) that I will throw down my personal gauntlet.  If I do not meet my pre-set goal time, tentatively set at 3:45, I will take a break from the marathon distance and only revisit it when and if life circumstances change to allow for a different training routine.  I’ve twice run and finished the most historic marathon in the world, it’s time to do more than finish.  It’s time to go all in.

A good marathon race means going all in not just for training, but lifestyle.  Here are a few things I know I need to do in between now and race day to maximize my chances of reaching my goal:

  1. Run outside more.  Much more.
  2. Eat right and get my racing weight down.
  3. Strength train
  4. Hill work
  5. Speed work

What do you do when you go all-in for your training?

I’m looking forward to this personal challenge.  Rebecca will be looking to PR at the BAA Half Marathon the week before and we plan to to motivate each other from now through our respective races.  I will go on record with my final time goal well in advance of race day.

Run Happy, readers, and never be afraid to go all in.



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2 Responses to “All In”

  1. Scott McMurtrey Says:

    Happy training, and good luck!

    To me, the two biggest things when “going all in” for a race are:

    1. Train for the course — run hills if it’s a hilly course; run trails if it’s a trail race.
    2. Diet — give my body its best chance to perform up to my expectations. This, unfortunately, is hard for me and often ends up with a weak “okay, okay…no beer for the two days before the race” compromise. 🙂

  2. FocusedMessage Says:

    I ran the half in Hartford last year — and loved it. My friend ran her first full and did it in just over 4 hours. After Boston, it should be a piece of cake. Very well organized race, too. Only thing, the pasta dinner the night before’s kinda disappointing. All in all though, a very good race. Have fun!

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