The Boston Marathon 2012

You could arguably say this post is a long-time coming, but here it is.  I’ll keep it relatively brief, to the extent I can, because, really, what more can be said about a Patriot’s Day that will live in infamy?  Prior to race day, the running community was abuzz with reports that temperatures would reach into the 80’s during the race, prompting the BAA eventually settle on a policy that would allow all runners to defer their entries to 2013 while encouraging only qualified runners to attempt to cover the distance.  After some soul searching, I decided to go ahead with the run, accepting that it was going to hurt, it was going to be hot, but that the experience would be worth it.  I also felt that after having spent months fundraising and pitching my skirt run, I owed it to a lot of people to be strong and give it my best.

Rebecca and I reached our goal of raising over $1,000 for charity so the skirt run was on for Boston 2012.  In fact, we’re currently at roughly $2,100, which is both amazing and humbling.  We could not have done it without the support of our friends and families.  For that, we thank you.  Thanks also to Marathon Sports for generously donating the skirt!   Also, Gather Here Lounge for fabricating it!  Keep reading and you’ll eventually get pictures.

By the time our Shamrock Running Club rolled into athlete’s village the heat was, as the song says, on.  There was no getting around the fact that it was going to be a toasty day.  Ironically, I’ve never entered a race feeling more at ease.  Any expectations of goal times went out the window and I was resolved to enjoy the race while representing a good cause.

The start to the race is somewhat anticlimactic for such a historic race, largely as a product of so many people shuffling their way to the line.  At the same time, it gives you a chance to gather your thoughts and mentally prepare for the run ahead.  I began the run with a guy from my club, Emmett Murphy, and we kept each other’s spirits up through the beginning part of the race.  I wore my Goon Squad singlet, which prominently features a large G on it, above which I wrote “Mike,” to encourage cheering.  Well, that resulted in a lot of “Go Mike G!” cheers, which I greatly appreciated.  Of course, I also got a lot of “nice skirt!” cheers, which helped me keep my mood light when things got rough.  Easily the best cheers I got (before reaching Rebecca) came when I passed a group playing “Sweet Caroline” over a sound system.  I happened to pass them at the “Bah bah bah” part and they replaced it with “Go Mike G!”  Pretty awesome.

I spent much of the race waiting to get to the point on the course where I knew Rebecca would be  on the course.  Let me tell you, it was quite the pick-me-up and I was so happy to see her there.  At long last, here are the pictures you’ve surely been waiting for:

What happened for the rest of the race?  Let’s just say the heat and hills took their toll, but I crossed the finish line on Boylston St. in one piece, relieved to be done and secure in the knowledge that I gave the run everything I had.


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