PRO Compression Marathon Socks Review and Giveaway

Hello friendly running readers!  As most race pictures of mine illustrate, I’m a big fan of compression socks/calf sleeves.  I’ve worn them in races from 5K through the marathon and have always found either that my calves and achilles don’t hurt during shorter races, or the inevitable tightness I generally experience is delayed for the longer races.  I’ve also found that my legs feel better after hard runs when I’ve worn them and I don’t have as much soreness if I wear them for a couple hours after finishing a long run.  Can I say for sure that they actually do all the great things they claim?  Absolutely not.  My little sister, a certified Athletic Training and Doctorate In Physical Therapy student remains skeptical, as I’m sure many others are as well.  Personally though, I know I feel better when I wear compression gear, and that’s all that matters to me.

After trying many different options for socks and sleeves, I think I may have finally stumbled upon my favorites, the PRO Compression Marathon sock.  I got these through an Schwaggle deal, though they would have been worth paying full price for.  These socks fit slightly different from others I have in that they don’t extend fully over the calf up to the knee.  I was initially worried about this becaues I thought the top of the cuff might dig into my leg.  That never happened.  Quite the contrary, these fit very comfortably because you don’t have to fiddle with cuffing the top so they actually go below the knee.  I’m about 5’9″, for reference purposes for the rest of you.  I also have rather thick calves.  They also do not move and fall down, as some other socks do, a huge plus.

The material used for the socks is, generally speaking, great.  I like that it is thinner than some other compression socks on the market and ran in mid 80 degree, very humid conditions without feeling like my legs were in a sauna.  It’s nice to have a sock option for the warmer months when I’d generally be using a sleeve.  The toe seams are also done well and don’t rub against my sneakers.  Blisters have not been an issue.  My one quibble is that the material does feel a bit slick and I felt a little slippage in one pair of flats.  I didn’t experience it in my Brooks Pure Cadences though, which fit a little snugger and have a different insole.

All in all these are great socks and a great value.  They offer some really cool colors too.  In fact, I had a passerby describe my neon yellow socks as “fly,” a very high compliment indeed.

Thanks to the fine folks at PRO Compression, I’m very excited to be able to offer up my first ever giveaway on this blog!  I am offering two pairs of PRO Compression Marathon socks to the winners, you get to pick your color and size.  Here’s how to enter (one entry for each):

  1. Leave a comment with your favorite color Marathon Sock and the piece of running gear you can’t live without.
  2. Like this post on Facebook (or post a link to it) and leave a separate comment to let me know you did such a thing.
  3. Subscribe to Once And Always and leave a separate comment to let me know you’ve done so.

I’ll pick a winner via random number generator on September 7.  Good luck to everyone!


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38 Responses to “PRO Compression Marathon Socks Review and Giveaway”

  1. fuzzy dunlop Says:

    Favorite marathon socks def have to be black and I cannot live without my compression shorts!

  2. Adrienne Says:

    Definitely gotta be the blue! I cannot live without my Brooks gear of course, but my go-to for gear is my travel-size foam roller.

  3. Ali Garfinkle Says:

    I am new to compression socks, but my dream pair would be the pink. My latest don’t-leave-without-it piece is a headband. With my crazy hair, I am not sure how I ever ran without one.

  4. Michael Lucas Says:

    Neon Yellow all the way! Definitely could live without my Brooks T7 Racers!

  5. Jessica Bagwell Says:

    I like purple marathon socks. Shared on Facebook- check. Blog sign up- check. Thanks for being an inspiration. And love the blog!

  6. tina Says:

    I like neon green. Definitely cannot run without tunes. Also a member of Sellwood Running Club.

  7. Renata Koziol Says:

    I like the neon green ones! I can’t stand running without a good tech shirt.

    I also saw this post on the HRC page.

  8. Melissa Says:

    Color is a toss up between green and pink. Can’t run without my tunes. Found your blog on Sellwood Running. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Janice Says:

    toss up between the black and the white, and definitely need my music!!

  10. Wen Says:

    I like white color, and a sun hat is must

  11. Melissa Tanguay Says:

    Black or neon green for me. Running gear I can’t live without? My Balega hidden comfort socks.

  12. Raina Rausch @ Small Town Runner Says:

    I like the argyle!! I wear shoes on every run. I find them essential, though I know some disagree 🙂

    I am reposting on my FB page (I don’t have platforms turned on- too many issues, feel free to check my FB page though!!) and adding you to my reader.

  13. Coach Gary Says:

    Night life neon yellow! And I never, ever, never ever, ever, leave the house with out The Stick….

  14. John Nguyen Says:

    If you like compression socks, you should try compression tights too. I don’t love the way they look though…

  15. Theresa J Says:

    I love the Marathon Neon Yellow and my favorite is my spibelt

  16. Theresa J Says:

    I shared on facebook

  17. Theresa J Says:

    I Subscribe to Once And Always

  18. Raina @ Small Town Runner Says:

    Sorry! I guess i was supposed to leave a separate comment. I shared on Facebook and liked my own share 🙂

  19. Raina @ Small Town Runner Says:

    And I subscribed!

  20. Billy Says:

    It’d be a toss up between the Marathon Black and the Marathon USA socks (What can I say, I’m patriotic). And my go-to equipment is the Amphipod Airflow Lite pouch…I can’t go on runs without it!

  21. Doug Osborne Says:

    Neon green. And I’m pretty lost without my watch (though sometimes I wonder if I’d run faster if I threw it out and didn’t check my pace every 3 seconds)

  22. Doug Osborne Says:

    I shared this on facebook:

  23. Doug Osborne Says:

    And I subscribed

  24. Doug Osborne Says:

    and I also missed the deadline by 2 days.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Who won?

  26. Gaston Says:

    Bamboo 2

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