Running On The Wall Giveaway!

The practice of giving out medals at the end of races has become fairly common these days, from the Boston Marathon to your local 5K, there’s a good chance of picking up some bling as you cross the finish line.  The two best, proudest moments of my post-high school running career have been receiving my finisher’s medal for the 2009 Boston Marathon and getting to personally put a medal around Rebecca’s neck as she crossed the finish line for the Providence Half Marathon.  Being a sentimental pack rat, I hang on to all my medals, not so much because I may have had a particularly great race, but because every race is a memory and the medals help remind me of that.  Same goes for race bibs.  I still have bibs and medals from high school races in fact.  The problem with all this bling and bibs is how to keep it and/or display them in a meaningful/neat way.  Currently, I keep my bibs in a plastic sleeve (or in my race bag, or dresser, etc.) and my medals are hung on a hook as seen below:

I love all that blue and yellow.

Clearly not the most elegant solution.  Well, if you’re like me, have I got an exciting contest for you!  The fantastic company Running On The Wall has most generously agreed to give one of their bib hangers or medal hangers to one of my readers.  They have versions that are geared towards men and women (or both), all of which are pretty great.  Here are some examples of their wares:


Pretty awesome huh?  This giveaway is being done in conjunction with The Hub Running Club, so here’s how to enter:

  1. You MUST Like BOTH The Hub Running Club’s Facebook page ( and Running On The Wall’s Facebook page (
  2. Leave a comment on this page letting me know that you’ve done so (or already have in the past) as well as which Running on the Wall product is your favorite.
  3. Get an additional entry if you Like Level Renner’s Facebook page ( and let me know via comment that you’ve done so.
  4. Get an additional entry by sharing your favorite bib/medal story here via comment.
  5. Finally, get an additional entry by sharing if you belong to any running club/team/group run etc., and which running club/team/group run etc. it is you belong to!

Easy huh?  This contest will end at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 14, 2012 (please read that carefully Doug Osborne).  Good luck to all and thank you once again to the folks at Running On The Wall!

Run Happy!


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14 Responses to “Running On The Wall Giveaway!”

  1. Scott McMurtrey Says:


    My favorite is

    I’ve ‘liked’ all three facebook pages. 🙂

  2. Samantha Shirley Says:

    1) Like HRC and Running on the Wall on FB – check!
    2) Favorite product – Find your Happy Pace medal display in pink
    3) Like LevelRunner – check!
    4) Favorite medal – though no medal will ever shine brighter than my first Boston, I think my Disney Princess rhinestoned half marathon medals really embody my girlish-running-personality
    5) I belong to HRC and Lululemon run club 🙂

  3. Amy D Says:

    I liked both pages. My favorite product is the pink bin holder that says “run like a girl”

  4. Amy D Says:

    I liked the third fan page

  5. Amy D Says:

    My favorite medal was my very first race. A 5k with my dad and little sister.

  6. Amy D Says:

    I belong to the Sellwood Running Club.

  7. Melissa Tanguay Says:

    Pages are liked! I like the general “races medals” one, given that I have both running & triathlon medals. I like the orange or brown background. Favorite medal has to be my Providence marathon medal since it was where I qualified for Boston & I worked very hard for that accomplishment.

  8. Isabel Rivera (@therunningteach) Says:

    *I liked the HubRunningClub and Running on the wall!
    *My favorite product has to be the running bible verse mantra “I run in the paths of your commands for you have set my heart free.”
    *I also liked Level Renner’s Facebook page as well!
    *My favorite bib story has to be earlier this year at the Twisted Ankle in Summerville, GA. Exactly 1 yr and 3 weeks after I gave birth I not only raced this race, but blew my PR out the water by over 15 minutes and ended up taking 6th AG! Not bad. I have a bone to pick next year. 😀 I’m determined to come in top 3, dare I say 1?
    *I am Co-Founder and belong to the Adventure Runners, located in Kennesaw, GA

    P.S. Thank you for making this possible! 😀 And keep running happy! 🙂

  9. kevbalance Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Great stuff going on here at your blog.
    1) I liked all the pages.
    2) I like the Race Bibs (ING#) the best.
    3) Not a huge fan of finisher medals (EJN’s influence), but I think I have every single race bib since graduating college. Fav medal is probably Clarence DeMar marathon. Got a BIG PR there.
    4) I run for CMS and am a proud member of the Level Legion.

  10. Beth Says:

    1) Liked Hub Running Club and On the wall
    2) I like the race bib holder, mine are tacked all over a bulletin board and messy messy messy
    3) Liked Level Renner, Which is how I found YOU!
    4) My second 1/2 marathon medal UHC Providence 1/2 2012. I earned that damn medal, I took more than an hour off my 2011 finishing time. EJN’s article after the 5th read through didn’t turn me off the finisher medal. He noted they signified what he had to sacrifice to train. I’ll focus on that aspect. I don’t need the medal, but you asked the question, so there you have it.
    5) I belong to NRA but not active, still working up the nerve to actually run with them! Hey, we all have our hang ups and mine is running with people.

  11. Joshua Grzegorzewski Says:

    I now Like all of the pages; though I was long a fan of Level Renner

    I really dig the double row custom medal holder which would allow me to rotate through a good number of my nearly 100 finisher medals with a meaningful message to myself and my children

    My best use for (post high school) medals was when I intergrated my 6 BAA finisher medals into my “Unicorn Hunter” halloween costume, which I then raced in with my running club.

    Which running club you ask? Why Boston’s #1 Running Club (I protest the 2012 results) of course, the Somerville Road Runners

  12. Theresa J Says:

    This is more for my husband who has run two halfs and numerous 5ks. I would pick the Display for race bibs – I DID IT!

  13. Theresa J Says:

    I Like Level Renner’s Facebook

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