Honey Stinger Energy Bar Review and Giveaway

Hello friendly readers!  If you missed it, Katy Gifford, a fellow Brooks ID runner, was the winner of the first of three Honey Stinger giveaways.  Congrats to Katy (I promise, it’ll be in the mail soon)!  Now, on to Part 2 of this endeavor: a review and giveaway of a box of Honey Stinger Energy Bars!  Honey Stinger generously donated a box of the Blueberry Buzz bars for me to try out and then pass on to you.

Thankfully, I had the chance to try one of these bars before my current injury situation made running difficult to impossible.  The circumstances were thus: bar eaten one hour before a 4 mile run in the evening.  I’ll start with the punchline: I really liked the taste and texture of these bars, and they satisfied late-day hunger.  That said, they weren’t the best for me to eat an hour before running, I think they were just on the wrong side of heavy for me, or I just didn’t wait long enough in between eating and running.  It wasn’t a bad run stomach-wise (it was a bad run hip-wise), but I definitely knew I had eaten something before, a feeling I didn’t have after the Honey Stinger waffle.

As for the bar itself, I thought of it as something like a yogurt-coated Cliff bar, at least in terms of texture.  The yogurt is on the bottom half of the bar and gives a nice sweetness to it that I liked.  The top part had what looked to be blueberry pieces in it and was much less dense than a Powerbar and perhaps a touch less so than a Cliff bar.  I’d say it was somewhere in between a Luna bar and a Cliff bar, if that is a good reference point.  I very much enjoyed eating it.

All in all, I’d most recommend this as a breakfast alternative (which I’m sure a nutritionist might disagree with) or a mid-afternoon snack a few hours before running.  I’m sure it’d also be great post-long run depending on how your stomach generally handles long runs.

Now for the fun part, to enter to win this box of delicious energy bars, click on the link below and follow the prompts.  You’re automatically entered to win if you entered to win the Honey Stinger Waffle giveaway, but you can still earn more entries!  If you’re having trouble with the link, the ways to enter are (leave comments to let me know you’ve done all these!):

  1. Like the Once And Always A Runner Facebook Page
  2. Like the Honey Stinger Facebook Page
  3. Like the Level Renner Facebook Page
  4. Leave a comment telling me if you run in Brooks sneakers or apparel and what your favorites are
  5. Let me know you voted in the 2012 election!

Giveaway Entry Page

The contest will run through Monday, November 12!  Good luck!


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15 Responses to “Honey Stinger Energy Bar Review and Giveaway”

  1. Greg S Says:

    I VOTED!

  2. Laurel Says:

    Of course I voted!

  3. jenxdesign Says:

    I voted this morning!

  4. jenxdesign Says:

    I don’t run in Brooks…Asics work for me.

  5. jenxdesign Says:

    I liked your page…now you need to like mine https://www.facebook.com/SwimBikeRunRepeat and check out my blog at http://www.onehundredfourtypointsix.com.

  6. happygrape2 Says:

    I voted.

  7. happygrape2 Says:

    Like once A Runner, Always A Runner on Facebook.

  8. happygrape2 Says:

    Like Honey Stinger on Facebook.

  9. happygrape2 Says:

    Like Level Runner on Facebook.

  10. meg Says:

    Love brooks running shoes!

  11. livinglearningeating Says:

    I haven’t tried Brooks sneakers but I’m inspired by my mom!

  12. ejnshow Says:

    I love option 3!

  13. Nich Says:

    I wear Brooks Adrenaline’s and proudly voted.

  14. Cynthia Salazar Says:

    Josh Cox inspires me as a runner and elite athlete, as well as Cara Goucher. I do happen to run in Brooks Pure Cadence and absolutely LOVE them! I have a Brooks thinish fleecish headband/ear-cover to match! 🙂

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