Encyclopedia Inspiredia (Part II)

And now…Part Deux of my tribute to the many runners that inspire me!

  • Renata Koziol: Renata is a fellow MS Run Clubber that I’ve done many runs with in the past.  In the fairly short time I’ve known her, I’ve seen her make leaps and bounds in progress in her racing times, due in no small part I’m sure to her devoted attendance at crazy hard November Project workouts.  I have a feeling Renata is going to be a force to be reckoned with in coming racing seasons.
  • Jason “Cosmo” Kramer: A great Goon with a very positive attitude that he often shares with his fellow runners!
  • David Pilon: I’ve known Dave for many, many years and in that time I think he’s really grown into a great, hard-working runner.  It was a pretty great moment for me, personally, to be able to see Dave finish his first marathon in Hartford in 2012, punctuated by a “THAT’S MY SON!” scream that succeeded in getting his attention, a reference a small group will get, but which makes me happy every time for the high school XC memories it evokes.  I’m honestly psyched to see where Dave’s racing takes him next, possibly at Boston in 2014.
  • William Schmitz: One of the few ID members that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person.  William is not only very supportive of his fellow runners, he does thoughtful things like prepare custom weather forecasts for you for your race day.  That’s what I call above and beyond the call of inspiration.
  • Dana Jennings: Dana is part of the second generation of Goons and is surely making the old guard proud.  Dana was a great teammate the one year I ran the Mill Cities Relay and a lot of fun to run with.  He makes a fantastic Goon!
  • Elissa Glucksman Hyne and Jay Hyne: I’ve mostly been trying to keep spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends separate here to give everyone their individual due, but I have a hard time thinking of Jay and E apart, such is their connection.  Although Jay ran in high school, I think everyone would agree that, going into the marriage, E was the runner, with Jay starting to get back into it.  Now I see them doing all manner of races together, including the NYRR 9+1 series to get into the NYC Marathon.  I love seeing their race pictures together, always with big smiles.  Even if E made her feelings about being out early in the frigid cold quite clear (often) at Hartford 2012, it was a pretty great experience to be able to share the race with them and my other cousins, with Jay and E as part of the marathon relay team with Rebecca and my sister, Sarah.  Jay and E make a great running team and great life team, inspiring me in both areas.
  • Will Feldman: Will was recently added to the Duke Track program as an assistant coach.  Their program’s gain is Boston’s loss.  Will is an amazingly fast runner and a talented coach, not to mention just a nice guy.  He and Kyle Feldman have to be contenders for fastest couple in Boston and they are sure to tear up the North Carolina racing scene.  They’ll be missed in Boston!
  • Lindsay Smith: Lindsay has have one of the smoothest running styles I’ve seen to date.  A late-comer to the sport, Lindsay just goes.  A recent addition to the BAA Racing Team, I’d bet dollars to donuts that no other runner has gone from non-runner status to wearing the blue and yellow in as short a time as he has.  Lindsay is determined to BQ and only a foolish man would gamble against him accomplishing that feat.  As fast as he is, there have been countless times I’ve seen Lindsay run much slower than he might otherwise at an MS group run just to enjoy the social aspect of it and keep someone else, myself included, company.   Lindsay is going to do great things in the Greater Boston racing scene, mark my words.
  • Megan Drumm: Megan is just getting back into running despite a crazy teaching schedule that often takes up the greater part of her day.  Still, she makes time to get out on the road and get her miles in, often with her dog in tow.  I know she’s going to accomplish the goals she lays out for herself!
  • Lee RJ: In addition to being a great runner, Lee made for a fun fellow Bruins fan during their near-Cup run in the playoffs.  Lee is one of those guys that I look at our mutual friends and can’t for the life of me remember where we met, or what the original connection might have been, but my feed is all the richer for it!
  • Kevin Balance: The founder of Level Renner, Kevin’s devotion to the New England racing community can’t be overstated.  A speedy racer in his own right, Kevin’s work promotes runners of all speeds.  Sure they do a lot of stories on the winners of races, but they also allow mid-packers like me to publish race reports.  Kevin does all that he does for love of the sport and puts out a professional product on a shoestring (if that much) budget.
  • Cesar Hernandez: Happy, that’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Cesar, one of the Trail Animals I’ve gotten to know recently.  Cesar always has a smile when you see him and you can tell he’s someone that just feels more alive when he’s running on a trail.  He’s a great lead to follow in getting into the trail ultra running world and sets a fantastic example of finding the joy of it all.  Gracias, Cesar!
  • Jason Bui: Jason’s one of the Angry Chickens of the Greater Lowell Road Runners.  I had the chance to meet him briefly at the Jones Realty 10 Miler and have followed his racing exploits since then.  To say Jason is fast is to say the sun is bright.  Not only does he kick butt in pure road races, but he’s a pretty darn good triathlete too.  His race reports make for entertaining reads and the hard work he clearly puts in make Jason an inspiring athlete.
  • Becca Hyne: Becca is one of the many racing Hynes that inspire my own running.  At the Hartford Half 2012, Becca just barely missed her PR and I could see how much it bothered her, even though she ran a great race that day nonetheless.  I can absolutely relate to the feeling of setting a goal and wanting nothing more than to accomplish it, never being complacent with just “running well.”  Despite her personal disappointment, Becca was supremely encouraging of everyone else who ran that day and maintained a positive spirit, not always an easy task.  Becca has many PRs to set and break in the future and I can’t wait to race with her in NYC in the future!
  • Stefanie Baker: Stefanie is an MS Run Clubber who is a flat out hard worker.  She approaches every run with enthusiasm and always brings positive vibes to our Wednesday night runs.  She is devoted to her fellow run clubbers and often brings tasty baked goods to nights where we are celebrating one thing or another.  Stefanie has put in many miles with the club and is sure to put in many, many more inspiring miles in the future!
  • Mara Lemagie: Mara is an athlete.  She shares my past in ultimate frisbee, though has continued to play at a very high level where I…don’t.  Mara was a great source of encouragement during my lead-up to the 50K race and I had a great time running with her, her boyfriend Mark (my college roommate) and Rebecca while we were all in Eugene.  It made for a great memory and I hope to race with Mara in Seattle some day.
  • Ray Allaire: Based on this post, Ray and I may be kindred souls: “Football season and cool Fall runs…I love September…giddyup.”  Ray is a helluvanultrarunner and I hope to share the trail with him some cool, fall day.
  • Jordan Kinley: Jordan is one of the fastest runners on this list, possibly the fastest, and works for Craft/Karhu/Balega.  Jordan has been a big supporter of The Hub Running Club and, as I understand it, played a big part in Karhu sponsoring the NE Distance Project.  Jordan supports runners trying to do good things for runners.  What more could you ask of someone?
  • Shane O’Hara: Shane is the fearless leader of the Marathon Sports Run Club.  When I say “fearless,” I mean it literally.  Shane was working at the store at the time of the 4.15.13 bombing and immediately went into action to ensure the safety of his staff and tend to the wounded, grabbing merchandise from the shelf to act as tourniquets.  Shane’s courage that day has been better documented than I could ever attempt to do here so I won’t try to say it all again.  Suffice to say I can only hope I’d act as Shane did if, God forbid, I ever found myself in that situation.
  • Ken Skier: I’ve never met Ken, but he is one of those runners that just exudes joy, not just about his own running but the running of others.  He takes great pleasure in his early morning open water swims and is a great ambassador for barefoot running.  Ken’s enthusiasm is infectious and it’s always a pleasure reading his posts about his racing and training.
  • Andy “the Grand Llama” Marx: Andy makes stuff happen.  The man behind The Most Informal Running Club Ever just has a way of bringing people together that I find rather remarkable.  Perhaps as much as anyone on this list, including Alett Mekler, if you’ve run any appreciable time in Boston then you’ve either met Andy or know someone who knows him.  At the 2012 Tufts 10K, I volunteered with Andy and the TMIRCE crew at the mile 5 water stop, all of us dressed in tuxes.  It made for a great experience, easily the most fun I’ve had as a volunteer.  Andy’s organizational capabilities and his enthusiasm for making running fun are very inspiring.
  • Lauren Hoehlein Joseph: Lauren Hoehlein Joseph ran the Boston Marathon faster than she ran the Chicago Marathon 6 months earlier.  Who does that?  Lauren Hoehlein Joseph, that’s who.  Oh, and she was coming off like a month-long sickness at the time that severely curtailed her miles.  But, no biggie, right?  Lauren also generously gives her time as SoleMates director for Girls On The Run Boston, managing the fundraising activities for the group.
  • Chip LeDuff: Chip’s an ID runner who also happens to be a nurse in the Navy, which is pretty BA if you ask me.  His incorporation of yoga into his training makes me think I should drag my unflexible self to some more classes and I have to thank him for introducing me to the joy of Bitstrips cartoons, which are just an endless source of amusement.
  • Chris “Mad Dog” Russel: Chris is the Goon behind the Run, Run Live podcast, which you should be listening to, if you aren’t.  Chris is a great runner that has had to work through some chronic injuries to maintain said level of greatness.  It seems like no matter what race you go to, there’s a fair chance you’ll see the Mad Dog in his black Big G singlet rocking the Jolly Rogers patch on it.  When I was trying to make a go of it at representing pro runners, Chris gave me the opportunity to help promote the athletes I worked with by interviewing them on his podcast, something I always appreciated.  Mad Dog is one of the good ones.
  • Billy Theodat: Billy is a seriously nice guy with serious chops as a runner.  I don’t think he’s been running more than 2 years but already has produced some great results in his young racing career.  Billy is a great asset to the American Liver Foundation marathon team, though it won’t be long before he qualifies for Boston.  Even when he does, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to raise money for ALF, because Billy’s just a good dude like that.
  • Lauren Ryba Davides: Lauren has given a great deal of her time as a volunteer with Girls On The Run Boston, producing some very helpful financial reports and projections to give a sense of where and how the organization can grow.  She has also taken a spot on The Hub Running Club board, which I know will be immensely helpful as we attempt to get things up and running.  Moreover, Lauren came up huge in the planning and execution of the Pints For Prostheses fundraiser we put on, particularly when it came to the auctions we ran.  Last but not least, Lauren happens to be a very talented runner, even if she is a Blackhawks fan.
  • E-J Hrynowski: Admit it, at some point in the time you’ve known E-J, you’ve wanted to be E-J.  Maybe it’s the flowing locks.  Maybe it’s the crazy speed.  Maybe it’s the laid-back attitude, or maybe it’s just his flashy shoes.  Whatever the reason, there’s a lot to be inspired by when it comes to E-J.  When you see him at your next race, go say hi to him, your day will be better for it.
  • Stephen England: Stephen’s running alone would be inspirational just by virtue of the results he’s achieved in his racing.  The fact that he uses his ability to raise awareness for diabetes and to inspire runners with diabetes just adds to the story.  I’ve run into Stephen the past two years at the Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler, where he’s had some great runs and always has a word of encouragement.  Brooks is lucky to have him as part of the Inspire Daily team.

And that does it for Part II!  If you haven’t seen your name yet…you will.


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