Encyclopedia Inspiredia (Part III)

My pace of posts may be slowing down, but the project continues!  I present to you Part III o f the Encyclopedia Inspiredia!

  • Jay “Brewski” Newton: The Goon behind the Goon Squad Runners website and a master brew craftsman.  Need to know why Jay is an inspiring runner?  Consider his progression in the marathon: 4:13:25 (9:40 pace) – Marine Corp Marathon, 2006, 3:27:27 (7:55 pace) – San Diego Marathon, 2008, 3:47:44 (8:41 pace) – Boston Marathon, 2009, 3:20:11 (7:38 pace) – Chicago Marathon, 2009, 3:09:47 (7:15 pace) – Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon, 2010 – BQ, 3:09:52 (7:15 pace) – Boston Marathon, 2011 – BQ.  Oh, and in September 2012 he ran 2:59:29.  So…pretty fair improvement, I’d say.  When I think of how daunting it is to try to chop off minutes from a PR, I think about how Brewski managed to do it.
  • Julie Starr-Wood: Julie is a passionate yogi and nutritionist who just ran the Falmouth Road Race after taking up running not so long ago.  Julie generously donated a first-time nutrition consultation to the Pints For Prostheses fundraiser through her business JSW Nutrition, which helped raise a good amount of money for the cause and is always spreading the good word about living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.  And she loves her adorable daughter, which is just nice to see.  I’m always a fan of people with an entrepreneurial spirit, which Julie clearly has, and the fact that she uses it to try to help people improve their wellness is fantastic.
  • Alon Cohen: I can honestly say I know next to nothing about Alon’s running.  I know Alon runs.  I’d more call Alon an inspiring person who runs than an inspiring runner.  Alon is thoughtful and extremely smart while also being one helluva comedic actor and writer that I had the pleasure of working with in Legal Follies in law school.  When I want an informed opinion on something, even though I may not always agree with his opinion on the subject, I go to Alon.  I admire people that can be goofy at times but serious in others, a balance I’ve known Alon to achieve quite well.
  • Erin “Energizer-Bunny”: Erin is a TMIRCE’er that I’ve gotten to know through the Lululemon and Marathon Sports run clubs.  When you see a race picture of Erin you just know that she is charging towards the finish line and her single-mindedness towards running fast is inspiring, even though I’m constantly trying to get myself to take more easy days.  It’s always nice knowing there are others out there who love to race as much as I do!
  • Sage Canaday: Sage is the hottest pro runner taking over the ultra circuit and a heckuva coach as well.  Before venturing out on his own, Sage run with the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, where he qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon.  During that time, he hinted to me that he might want to try the ultra distance some day, and man has that been a resounding success for him, including recently setting the course record at the very difficult Speedgoat 50K and several other notable wins.  Oh, and he wrote a book too. It’s not just Sage’s race results though that make him inspiring, it’s that he had the confidence in himself to leave a sponsored team and try to make it on his own at a new distance.  He’s since been picked up by Scott Running and the future looks incredibly bright for him.
  • Ben Tobin:  Ben inspired the young me when I first started running.  Ben was a quiet leader on the cross country team, setting an example with his work ethic and racing tenacity.  As a result, when Ben did speak, everyone listened.  Plus, the dude had some great hair.  For a bit more on Ben’s influence and XC in general, check out my last post.
  • Tom Poland: Maybe Tom appears here because he’s my boss at Greater Boston Running Company, maybe it’s because he enjoys short running shorts as much as I do, maybe it’s his irrational hatred of things e.g. season-related foods e.g. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Mostly though, it’s for the fact that he is a kick ass runner, formerly of Columbia, and is 100% dedicated to the running community, doing whatever he can to help out others.  He’s also a hardcore track geek, which helps spare Rebecca my spouting off to her about Alan Webb at any given moment in the day.  Tom’s a great runner and a dedicated helper of the running community.  Inspiring.
  • Alex Eld: Ironically, the next name to pop up on my list also works at a running store.  Alex leads the City Sports Boylston Street Run Club on Tuesday nights and is also a newly minted Greater Lowell Road Runner.  Alex is tremendously dedicated to his Run Club and always makes it a good time.  He also happens to be a gifted runner who is on the cusp of achieving BQ status (as well as being a triathlete).  Carpe run!
  • Nate Jenkins: Nate is fast.  Nate runs HARD, as any race picture of him will attest to.  Nate finished 7th at the Olympic Trials in 2008.  Nate would be inspiring if for no other reason than he’s one of the fastest local runners around, but even more inspiring is that Nate has had to fight through some tough injuries and several comebacks to get back to his top form.  Nate’s a testament to the level of devotion it takes to run as a semi-sponsored elite athlete (I use “semi-sponsored” to distinguish from what I consider “fully-sponsored” guys like Galen Rupp).  Unlike the fully sponsored guys, Nate has to, you know, support himself while finding the time for the kind of training it takes to be competitive at the highest levels.  Truly inspiring runner, Nate Jenkins is.
  • Sarah “Goatie” Prescott: That “whoosh” you heard at your last race is the sound of Goatie zooming by you.  In addition to being an original member of the Goon Squad, Sarah races for Whirlaway and has amassed not one, not two, not thirteen, but 14 BQs, which surely must be more now given that her Goon bio is from 2009.  The great thing about Sarah is that she’s just one of those happy, super-supportive kinds of runners that everyone seems to know and like.  I’m proud to don the same Big G as Goatie!
  • Silverfox Cavalari: Have I ever met the man they call Silverfox?  Nope.  Do I even remember how we became Facebook friends?  Similarly nope.  Does that mean he’s any less inspiring a runner?  Definitely nope!  Silverfox’s workout posts are always a source of inspiration, always conveying the joy he finds in a hard workout or a great race.  It’s also clear from his team pictures at the Harpoon 5 Miler that Silverfox manages to combine speedy running with having fun, a difficult combo to nail.  Hopefully someday I’ll actually meet the inspiring Silverfox!
  • Rick Muhr: Rick is the head coach of the Marathon Coalition, which consists of hundreds of runners who are running the Boston Marathon for various smaller charities, which is no small feat given the wide range of experience those runners likely enter their training with.  Rick’s dedication to his runners and to the charities he supports as a result is truly commendable.  I’ve only had the chance to run with Rick once, when he joined Girls On The Run for a fun run, but it was a fantastic experience, one I hope to have a chance to repeat sometime, maybe even as part of the Marathon Coalition…
  • Adrian Hartline: Adrian’s devotion to the November Project is a great source of inspiration, even if I can’t (read “won’t get up early enough to”) replicate that effort.  Adrian is invariably either smiling in his NP pictures or clearly busting his butt to get the most out of his early morning workout, both of which are great to see.  I’ve only recently met Adrian, but hope to have the chance to race with him in the future!
  • Vanessa Porter: Rebecca ran with Vanessa as part of the Girls On The Run Boston team for Reach the Beach MA this year and I had the chance to get to know her and her boyfriend, a future BUSL grad, after this year’s BAA 10K, where she had a great race.  Vanessa clearly enjoys her training and racing and her upbeat attitude is contagious.  It’s pretty clear that Vanessa is going to have some great results in the future!

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