We Must Protect These Feet! – RunCo Socks Review

Cotton Kills.  OK, maybe that’s a touch of an overstatement, but only a touch.  It certainly makes for an unpleasant running experience if you clothe yourself in 100% cotton.  You already know you should be wearing wicking fibers when it comes to your tops, many of you even wear so-called “technical fabrics” for your bottoms.  These fabrics draw sweat away from the body where it can evaporate, meaning your clothes don’t become quite so drenched and you stand less chance of getting unsightly and painful chaffing.  But I don’t think I’m telling you anything new here.  For an in-depth discussion of the importance of the right socks, check out this blog post.  I know that I’ve now lost all attention as everyone is deeply engrossed in sock talk (which rhymes, in my head), but hopefully someone is left to continue reading.

Despite the general knowledge that wearing running-specific clothing makes for a more pleasant running experience, many runners don’t spare a second thought when it comes to what they put on their feet.  There is a confounding conflation between ankle socks and running socks that often leaves us at GBRC staring at white cotton shod feet when a customer goes to try on shoes.  You wouldn’t wear a tube sock to try on dress shoes, right?  Or dress socks to try on ski boots?  Or a towel to try on a tux?  I may have lost my train of thought there.  Back to the subject at hand.  Socks.  By now, it should be clear that the overall message here is: wear the right socks, not just for trying on shoes, but for running in them.

Now, it just so happens that there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to the running sock game.  The parent company of Greater Boston Running Company, Running Specialty Group (RSG), has come out with its own line of RunCo socks.  The socks come 3 to a pack in 3 different colors so, if you’re like me and like to make sure you’re well coordinated from head to toe, you’re in luck.  In addition to the different colors, there are different fits as well, ranging from the low-cut performance sock to a taller crew sock,with a double-tab in between.  One thing they all have in common, they’ll keep your feet drier than cotton socks and make you less prone to blisters.  I personally just completed a run in the performance low-cut sock, which is 85% polyester, 15% spandex, polyester being the wicking fiber at play in the sock.  Being a size 10, I wore the large size sock.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t brag.  I was pleased that the socks fit true to size, with everything being where it should in terms of toes and heels.  One thing you will notice immediately is the snug arch wrap of the sock.  This feature seems to be gaining popularity among the more “technical” socks on the market and helps just give a touch more arch support than you’d have otherwise.  I think  I have a “high-volume” (read “fat”) foot, so at first this section felt like it might get uncomfortable after time, but I didn’t notice it after I put my shoe on.  The socks are thin, which is my personal preference as I often wear minimal shoes like the Brooks PureCadence 2 and thin socks just fit better.  Thin should not be confused with flimsy though!  These socks feel like they’ll stand the test of many miles.

The best thing I can say about my actual run in these socks is I didn’t notice them at all.  I ran in my Brooks Adrenaline 13s and didn’t have any hot spots, blisters, chaffing or discomfort, even in the arch, no grating seams with these socks!  I won’t try and come up with poetic language to describe the run in the socks, which socks made me feel like an antelope speeding through the Savannah as the sun rises over the plains, so I’ll just give it to your straight: these socks work well, and at $21.99 for 3 pairs, the price is right when compared to other technical fiber socks.  Do yourself a favor, come on into the store and try on a pair.  If it’s a Saturday, ask for Michael!

And now, a pretty picture of socks.

Look at all the colors!

Look at all the colors!

Run Happy,


Disclaimer: While I am an employee of Greater Boston Running Company, the views expressed here are mine and mine alone, without influence.  I received no free product for this review.


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