Skechers GoMEB Speed 2 Giveaway

As you may have noticed from my recent reviews, my relationship with Brooks Running recently came to an end as Brooks transitioned their Inspire Daily program to a “sub-elite” team. I had a great run as an ID member and am very grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of it as long as I did. As the saying goes though, when one foot lands, another lifts. I think that’s a saying at least…pretty sure it’s a saying…

All this is to say that a new chapter in my running may just be opening as I embark on a relationship with Skechers Performance as a wear-tester and then…maybe more…How’s that for vague foreshadowing? Skechers was mostly flying under the radar with their original GOrun running shoe, designed to encourage a mid-foot strike, until they made the brilliant move of signing Meb Keflezighi in 2011 after Nike unceremoniously dropped America’s last Olympic Marathon medalist. Meb promptly went out and kicked butt in his new kicks, winning the Olympic Trials and placing 4th in the 2012 Olympic Marathon. Meb even turned a disappointing 2:23:47 NYC Marathon performance into an inspiring work of art, finishing the race hand in hand with a local club runner.

Skechers has since expanded their running shoe range with a variety of models, including a trail show, the Bionic, and the Ultra, which taps into the burgeoning “maximalist” trend. Skechers even offers you the chance to Run Like Meb with their GoMEB Speed 2. These shoes feel the need, which is to say the need for speed. Heck, they look fast just standing still.

Now, here’s the best part: I am wicked psyched to be able to offer a pair of GoMEB Speed 2s to one lucky reader, courtesy of the fine folks at Skechers Performance. The contest will run through 5 pm EST on Friday, January 10. Click on the link below to get to the raffle page (if you don’t want to go to the page, at least be sure to leave a blog comment letting me know that you have Liked Skechers Performance on Facebook) Good luck and good speed!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


56 Responses to “Skechers GoMEB Speed 2 Giveaway”

  1. Jake Says:

    Nice giveaway! I love the the GoRun 2s and now 3s, and am looking for a marathon shoe for my first marathon this spring!

  2. Katie Says:

    These look great! My daughters are a constant inspiration to keep running!

  3. markgdavis (@markgdavis) Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have GoRun 1 that need to be replaced and hope I win this giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  4. ironboy Says:

    Still looking to give Sketchers a try, Mike. I think I signed up! Already had liked all of the pages. And thx for giving back.

  5. David Burns Says:

    Would love to try these I have GoBionics

  6. Gerard Says:

    I am inspired by my running friends. I also have GoBionic and would like to try a different Skechers shoe.

  7. Griscel Says:

    Thanks Michael for always giving me great info on running! Running my first Half in June, these skechers might come in handy! (liked page too) 🙂 thanks again!

  8. Jennevieve Anderson Says:

    great giveaway I have been wanting to try these a friend and fellow runner, now love sketchers, so I want to check them out!

  9. Tobit Says:

    great give away, thanks. As for inspiration – sure, the great ultra runners inspire but for me its the people I see each day out running, rain or shine. ordinary people doing extraordinary things

  10. Gordon Mikula Says:

    Great giveaway… I liked Skechers Performance on Facebook!

  11. Erica @ erica finds Says:

    Meb inspires me! He is MY FAVORITE runner. Especially for his humility and grace. I loved the Mike Cassidy story so much. I wrote about it on my blog, too!

  12. Harold L. Shaw Says:

    Great giveaway – I have run in the GR2 and had 2 pair of GRR2’s, wanted to run in the GoMebs(speeds) for a while now, would love to see how they run.

  13. Run To Munch Says:

    Nice giveaway!

  14. Brian Vinson Says:

    Pretty sweet. I never thought I would run in Skechers, but Meb turned me around.

  15. Ryan Gilbert Says:

    I’m actually surprisingly in love with the GoRun.

    • Michael R. Says:

      I think you aren’t alone there. Granted most don’t go into it with the same expectations they would from an institutional running brand, but I think the Skechers line really exceeds expectations.

  16. Danielle Kempe Says:

    Who inspires your running?
    My friends in Boston who call me a runner, even though I still walk/run most of a 5K. (I’ll get to being able to run it all!)

  17. patrick voo Says:

    i’m inspired by yuki kawauchi – full time job, hard worker, enters races like there’s no tomorrow – and is humble beyond all expectation!

  18. Leon Goh Says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway opp Michael, I’ve just liked Skechers Performance on FB and also entered with my email on the raffle page. I ran my first Mara in a GR2 this year and they performed very well.

  19. Lindsay M. Says:

    The other blogs that I follow inspire me! I see them overcoming obstacles and that makes me want to become a stronger, healthier person. 😀

  20. Teresa M. Says:

    The running community online inspires my running.

  21. Kris Says:

    My friends over in the RunJunkEe Run Club inspire me!!

  22. Carlee Says:

    Stoked on the giveaway! My mom inspires my running. She ran her first 5K at age 55 and is sticking with it even with her health issues!

  23. jeremy russell Says:

    Love the GRR2 and would love to run a marathon to BQ in the GOMEBS!

  24. BadDawg Says:

    Just wore my GRR2 for a slushy long run, for a very lightweight shoe they do a nice job of keeping wet feet warm. But they’re not really meant to be a high mileage trainer, so I’ll need to replace them pretty soon. I think the Speed2 would do nicely, so fingers crossed.

  25. BadDawg Says:

    Just found this from a Skechers Facebook feed, I guess the GRR2 is a pretty good foul weather shoe, good enough to keep Swedish feet warm is pretty good.

  26. thebudgetrunner Says:

    Dean Karnazes inspires me. That man can just run.

  27. Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer Says:

    My wife and our 5 kids are my main inspiration! They are so amazing! And they all love to go on runs with me!

  28. Jennifer Boudreau Says:

    My kids!

  29. livivua Says:

    cancer survivors

  30. Stephanie @Cat Lady Runs Says:

    I am inspired to run by all the other women I follow who manage their lives, kids and healthy living while still putting a priority on running. That is impressive to me.

  31. Running With Ollie (@GeaLenders) Says:

    I am inspired by nature

  32. Maryalicia Verdecchia Says:

    Runners inspire me!

  33. Mike St Hilaire Says:

    I have been running trails moslty for the last few years but will be returning to the roads to run a marathon in April. The week after a 50 mile trail run.

  34. BadDawg Says:

    By the way, if you don’t know the story behind the fantastic pic of Meb finishing New York, you owe it to yourself to read Mike Cassidy’s account of the run. He’s not just a very talented runner, turns out he is also a gifted writer.

  35. Debi Says:

    I liked the Skechers page.

  36. Says:

    Loving the GoMeb/Speed first iteration and now contemplating on to use the Limited Edition GoMeb Speed2 for some runs 😉 Thanks for the update!

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  38. Skechers Fanatic Says:

    Congrats to Meb and the entire Skechers Performance Division on the great win at the Boston Marathon! I’ve been running in nothing but Skechers ever since my first pair of Go Run 2’s and it was the best running choice I ever made. I’m using the Go Run Ride 3 right now but I’ve always wanted to give the GoMeb’s a try. So said I missed this give-away though, hopefully the lucky winner is having a great time wearing the shoes!

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