Training Recap and Witnessing A Record

On Saturday night, I had the chance to witness Galen Rupp, a professional runner with Nike’s Oregon Project, set a new American Record in the indoor 2-mile distance at Boston University’s indoor track.  The NOP has been on the hunt for records lately and Rupp will be going for his third AR in the mile at the Reggie Lewis Center on February 8.  This is the second time I’ve seen Rupp set a record, the first being the Olympic Trials record in the 5000m back in 2012.  That was a great experience, but the BU meet topped even that, with the bleachers’ proximity to the track making it feel like you were right on top of the action.  I managed to get a recording of the last 200 meters of Rupp’s record-breaking run.

Now, on to the the week’s training!  All in all it was another solid week, propelling me ever closer to Hopkinton!

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – SOS Workout!  2 miles warming up, 2 miles cooling down, with intervals in between.  This time it was 5 x 1000 meters with quarter mile recovery in between.  It was a good, hard effort, coming in at 4.2 miles in 31:29 for the interval portion.

Wednesday – A rough day for some reason.  I had 8 miles scheduled, but just never felt great and had to gut out 7 miles.  Granted, it wasn’t the worst run anyone has ever run, but it just felt much harder than it should have for the pace.

Thursday – Time for a cold Hub Running Club run!  Though I was supposed to do a tempo run of 2 miles warm-up, 6 miles at goal marathon pace, and 2 miles cool-down, it turned into 7.7 miles at 8:07 pace, which I was pretty pleased with given the amount of time we spent waiting at intersections.  My goal MP is 8:23, so I’m happy with where I currently am based on this workout.

Friday – 6 miles on the treadmill in 47:30.

Saturday – Went for a great 10.2 mile run with my friend Courtney.  Courtney took us on a little bit different route from what I’ve been doing, which made for a nice chance of pace.

Sunday – Finished out the week with another 6 mile run while watching the Devils v. Rangers game played outside at Yankee Stadium.

Weekly Total: 45 Miles!  I was at 24 miles for this same week last year so…progression!

Happy training to all!


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One Response to “Training Recap and Witnessing A Record”

  1. Liana@RunToMunch Says:

    Great training week! Slightly sad I missed the track meet! Looks awesome!

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