Skechers GORun 2 Nite Owl Preview

I just received a pair of Skechers GORun 2 Nite Owls to wear-test and took my first run in them last night during an interval session.  I’m going to wait to get some more miles in before I do a review, but I did want to share my home testing of their proclaimed glow-in-the-dark capability thanks to “photoluminescent technology [that] produces an intense glow effect in low light or darkness.”  Well, it works!  After only a short charge (by exposing the shoes to light), here is the result, taken inside my otherwise completely dark bathroom.

Large ProfileThis is a picture of the exact same space without the shoe present.

Completely DarkAnd because I like making GIFs now.

Skechers GoRun 2 Nite Owl




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