Training Recap 1/27-2/2

Greetings!  January is now in the rear-view mirror and the Boston Marathon seems squarely in sight.  There have been some neat things happening in terms of opportunities I’ll have to review some great shoes coming up, but the details are still getting finalized.  I can’t wait to share them with you though once everything falls into place!  For now though, I’ll stick to a quick update on my training.

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Started off with a 2 mile warm-up before launching into an interval session with the goal of building marathon speed.  This workout got a little messed up because of the treadmills I was using at the gym as the first one I was on wouldn’t let me adjust the speed easily, meaning I couldn’t easily switch between interval pace and recovery pace.  The workout was meant to be 4 x 1200 meters (3 laps around an outdoor track, 3/4 of a mile) with a quarter mile recovery period.  As I couldn’t lower the speed, I ended up doing the first interval as a full mile at 7 minute pace.  I then switched machines and finished off the workout, averaging roughly 7:17 pace for the total 4 miles of interval work then finishing off with 1.3 miles cool-down.

Wednesday – A late night at work meant that I wasn’t able to get to my gym until much later at night than I would have wanted to and came up against the gym closing at 9 p.m.  I will admit I was fairly proud of myself for still getting to the gym and getting in a run, ending up doing 7.4 of my prescribed 8 miles at 8:06 pace.  Big thanks to Rebecca for dropping me off at the gym on our way home so I wouldn’t lose more time and then picking me up when I was done, maximizing running time.

Thursday – The prescribed training run was a 12 mile tempo run.  Again, time management got in my way and I wasn’t able to get it all in.  Still I got in the 8 miles of tempo running, which in my mind is what really matters.  I started off with 1 mile warm-up then went on to 8 at 8:01 pace, feeling fairly good along the way.

Friday – Sometimes life just trumps running.  With company coming over Saturday night for dinner, I made the decision to forgo my workout to get some cooking done Friday night.  My body was also feeling a bit banged up from the last three days of running and it just made sense to me to take the day off.

Saturday – 15+ miles with the Liver team!  I didn’t have any specific plans for this run, other than seeing how I felt at the end of it.  We started off at a fairly easy pace then picked it up as we went along on the Boston course.  I was really pleased with the hills on this run as I took the opportunity to try to hammer the major ones, including Heartbreak Hill and Beacon Hill in the Commons.  Sure, I felt gassed at the summit of each hill, but I know I can call upon the feeling of pushing up a hill come race day and use that as a psychological advantage.

Sunday – Despite feeling like doing nothing other than sitting on the couch all day and drinking beer and eating junk food, I made myself eventually get up and go to the gym.  I wanted to at least make up a little bit of the lost mileage during the week, so I did 7 miles at 8:22 pace and called it a day.

Total Mileage: 46.3

Want to support me in training for the American Liver Foundation?  Please take a gander at my fundraising page for Run For Research!


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