Skechers GORun Ride 3 Review – Go Like Never Before!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a Skechers kick recently, with the GOBionic Trail getting its fair share of miles this winter.  I was lucky enough to receive a pair of GORun Ride 3s recently as well from Skechers Performance to try out as a potential race shoe for the Boston Marathon.  To cut to the punch line, I think I no longer need to worry about what shoe I’ll pick for Patriot’s Day!

The Look

I have to say, I really dig the look of these shoes.  I specifically requested the Blue/Lime combo because I figured it looked the most Boston-y.  The shoes feature 3-d printed side panels and are sure to stand out from a crowd of the usual suspects.  To my eye, they just look fast, which makes me want to go fast in them.

Diaganol Shot Ride 3 Heel Ride 3 Overhead


Pretty nifty looking huh?  Here you can see them before I take on the New Bedford Half Marathon.

Skechers New Bedford

Rebecca also got a pair, and I think they’re even cooler looking than mine!



The Specs

Pick up these shoes and your first thought, assuming you’re from Boston, will be “man, these are wicked light!”  According to Skechers, a size 9 weighs 8.4 oz.  For comparison’s sake, the Brooks Pure Flow 3, a comparably situated shoe, comes in at 9.0 oz. and the Saucony Kinvara at 7.9 oz.  A very cool aspect of the shoes is that you can customize their heel-toe drop by either including/excluding a pair of liners in the sole.  With the liners the shoes have a 4mm drop but they go down to zero drop without them.  I have only worn them so far with the inserts, but may try to drop down in the future once I’m comfortable with the 4.

The white portion of the shoe is Skecher’s Resalyte cushioning system.  According to Skechers, Resalyte is “proprietary lightweight, injection-molded compound with memory retention.”  Other Skechers’ exclusive tech includes their GOimpulse sensors and pillars designed to “allow for an even smoother transition and optimized running experience.”  You can see the sensors in yellow on the sole below.

Ride 3 Outsole


More from Skechers: “Traditional cushioning deadens sensory isolation, making it difficult to readjust for maximized efficiency. This can lead to lazy running and habitually bad form. Innovative placement allows the GOimpulse sensors to move together and independently as they provide sensory feedback to the brain. This dynamic interaction promotes a natural stride for a more efficient and responsive run.”

Finally, the shoes are designed to promote a midfoot strike through Skechers’ M-Strike Technology.  The M-Strike tech works in conjunction with the shoe’s rockered feel, the midfoot is the thickest part of the sole, to guide you through the midfoot landing and propel you on.

Oh, and it strongly bears mentioning that these shoes are listed at $80, making them a Runner’s World Best Buy.

The Ride

Alright, so the shoes look cool, are lightweight, and are designed for a midfoot strike, all things I love in a shoe.  But, the proof is in the running, as Benjamin Franklin was wont to say.  Although I’ve only put in a few runs with the shoe so far, I was able to really put them through their paces when racing the New Bedford Half.  I knew this race would not only give me a chance to do a longer run in the shoes, but also see how they performed at (what I hoped would be) an uptempo pace.  I kid you not, and employ no amount of hyperbole, when I say these shoes have given me an injection of Instamojo.  The Ride 3s feel admittedly weird when you first put them on and walk around given the sole shape, which makes you feel off-balance.  But start running and you see that they do everything they were meant to, and more.

The best compliment I can pay to running shoes is that they disappear when running in them, meaning they are so unobtrusive that you only need concentrate on moving quickly, and not on your feet.  While they may look flashy to spectators, you’ll completely forget about the Rides when you have them on, with the design allowing for a smooth gait cycle that feels completely natural, but still cushioned.  Unlike some other shoes in the sub-9 oz. range, the Rides smooth out the harshness of the road with the Resalyte cushioning without making you feel like you are running on pillows.  In short, the shoes make you want to run fast and they’ll protect your legs while doing so.

Fit-wise, the Rides feature a wider than usual toe box, allowing your toes to splay naturally on impact.  As someone whose feet crave wider shoes, think Brooks and not Nike, I really appreciated this design aspect.  I wouldn’t say that the Rides fit “true to size” as I went up a half size from what I would wear in Brooks or adidas.

In Conclusion 

By way of disclaimer, Skechers Performance sent me these shoes because I volunteered to wear them for Boston, but with my caveat that I had to be comfortable with them on longer runs.  While I still want to do some confirmatory long runs in them to be 100% sure, for the time being I can confidently say that you’ll see me in Ride 3s on Patriot’s Day 2014, which is about as strong an endorsement as I can give a shoe.  If I didn’t feel confident in them, I certainly wouldn’t ask them to accompany me from Hopkinton to Boylston St.

Now, go get yourself some Rides and Go Like Never Before!



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4 Responses to “Skechers GORun Ride 3 Review – Go Like Never Before!”

  1. B.J> Says:

    Ouch! I was hoping you would say you had to go down a size! The Go Bionic Trail fit me perfectly in 14. I wear 15 (In all but Merrell) and since Skechers stop at 14 i’ve been out of luck. Read a review of the GB Trail that said they fit large so I went for it. They are so perfect for my feet. The lugs didn’t last on dry road, but they were great on snow and ice. Let me know more on the fit as i’d love to get wear Skechers exclusively. I have been unable to get any information from the copany re: fit. Thanks! BJ

    • Michael R. Says:

      B.J. – Thanks for the comment! I think you should give the 14s a shot and see how they work for you, especially if you can return them fairly painlessly. I do think I could get away with a size 10 like I wear in the Bionics. I hope you have much success in them!

  2. B.J> Says:

    appreciate your quick reply! i’m going to louisville (about 2 hours) for a race this weekend and may get to go to the Skechers store there. Hopefully they’ll have some 14’s to try on! thanks again. also enjoyed your other reviews and articles…

  3. go source Says:

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