Blue Trailer Lockers

With races everywhere instituting new, strict security policies, the bag check amenity is getting harder and harder to come by.  This can often mean running back and forth between wherever you managed to park your car, then to packet pickup, then back to the car, then back to the start, all while trying to not be over/under-dressed in the time before the race.  In short, it can be a pain in the neck.  Enter Blue Trailer Lockers!

I first became aware of Blue Trailer while training for the Boston Marathon this winter.  As a very cool way to market themselves, Blue Trailer had a table set up on Beacon St. with goodies for the troves Saturday morning runners out on the course.  Essentially, Blue Trailer Lockers brings a mobile set of, that’s right, lockers to races for you to securely store your gear in. Lockers can even be rented online in advance of your race.

Blue Trailer Lockers at a race.

Blue Trailer Lockers at a race.

Pretty nifty idea, right?  And absolutely worth the cost to know your gear is safe and secure.

Here’s where you can find Blue Trailer Lockers in the near future!


17 – TI Disco Fever

18 – Newton 10K

24 – Gold Star Run For Honor

25 – Great Hyannis Road Races


1 – Old Sandwich Road Race

7 – York Hospital 5K

14 – Flag Day 5K

21 – Sharon Timlin 5K

29 – Bands on the Run Half Marathon


4 – Hingham Road Race

12 – Jamestown Half Marathon

13 – Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon

20 – Salisbury Beach Relay

So, check out Blue Trailer Lockers on Facebook and Instagram and keep up with their latest activities, your bag will thank you!

NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement, just a cool service offered by people who care about runners that I thought you should know about!


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