1964 Boston Marathon Footage

I just came across this 26 minute documentary film on the 1964 Boston Marathon on Running Warehouse’s blog, which is simply amazing from a runnerd perspective.  Although I haven’t yet watched the whole thing through, but I can’t imagine anyone in the film can beat the Reverend Shannon, who ran the race 14 times but couldn’t compete that year with an official bib because he lost his amateur status after competing as a professional boxer.  The good reverend has a few interesting training techniques including:

The Back Wiggle

Back Wiggle

And The Stomach Bounce.

Stomach Bounce

Whatever happened to the Lynn Athletic Club?

Lynn AC

This Guy.

This Guy

BAA Runners.

BAA Runners


I won’t spoil the rest of the fun, here’s the movie in its entirety!



One Response to “1964 Boston Marathon Footage”

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