A Tribute To Cobb Cycling’s Customer Service

Please forgive this foray entirely into the cycling world with nary a run to be mentioned, but I wanted to share a recent experience I had with Cobb Cycling that blew me away in terms of customer service.  I was fortune enough to win a saddle from Cobb through a contest put on by Maverick Multisport whereby I was closest to guessing the time for their athlete, Amber Ferreira at the Ironman World Championships in Kona (you should really check out Amber’s blog, it’s great).  Cobb Cycling is a team sponsor for Maverick and I had my pick of 3 saddles, the Fifty-Five JOF, SHC, and V-Flow Max.  Given that I’m looking to make my Caadilac more tri-specific, I was psyched to have the opportunity to kit it out with a beautiful new saddle to replace the stock one.

My first instinct was to go with the JOF, which seemed to be a reasonable choice for both road riding and triathlons if I ended up putting aero bars on the bike for racing, as I hope to in the future.  Maverick even went the extra mile and contacted Cobb to see if they could send me the oh-so-beautiful Electric Green version, because of my need to color-coordinate wherever possible.  I mean, how could I pass this up?


Before taking the plunge though, on a whim I checked in on the Cobb Cycling Facebook page (go ahead, like them, you know you want to) and asked if they had any advice for choosing between the three options given that I use my bike for road riding and may or may not add aero bars at some point.  Instead of just giving an answer, which would have been totally fine by me, they invited me to call someone specifically the next day to talk through the options, I think his name is Steve?  Scott?  I’m going to call him Scott for these purposes, but don’t hold me, or Scott, to that name.  When I spoke to him the first thing he did was ask some baseline questions, i.e. height and weight.  He then went through some more particulars, including riding style, where I tend to ride on my current saddle, and if I was more of a runner or cyclist when it came to leg shape.  In other words, I told him I have thunder thighs.

Taking all my details into consideration, “Scott” said he was going to recommend I not go with any of the three options and instead the Plus, which would be a versatile option that would suit me well.  He then gave the OK for me to let Maverick know that Cobb was cool switching up the prize, and it was all taken care of from there.

A couple weeks later, I received this in the mail.

2014-10-23 07.50.23

Soon, it shall be mounted atop my Cannondale, and my butt is just going to be SO very happy. I really can’t say enough about what a great experience it was working with Cobb Cycling. It was clear to me that it mattered to them that I be in the right Cobb saddle despite the fact that I wasn’t paying for it. I have to give Maverick kudos as well for being an excellent partner with their sponsor. Much love to go around. Thanks Cobb Cycling and Maverick Multisport!


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