Review: NiteIze KnotBone Stretch Laces

As may be coming more and more apparent on the blog, I’ve really been getting into the whole “triathlete” thing.  You could even argue that I’ve made the “transition” from runner who also swims and bikes to bona fide triathlete.  From everything I understand, part of triathlon is getting stuff that is “triathlon-specific,” which unsurprisingly extends to your feet.

To that end, I was recently sent a pair of NiteIze KnotBone Stretch laces to try out.  I was particularly excited to try these as, assuming they would work, they would allow me to lace up my sneakers then easily slip them on when transitioning from the bike leg to the run leg of a race.  I mean, it says that’s what they do right on the package.


The “installation” of the laces is pretty straightforward, especially if you have ever laced up shoes in your life.  Really, the only difficult part was cutting the tips of the laces at an angle, the better to thread the lace through the eyelets, as the material is quite resilient to cutting.  I ended up using the blade of a pair of scissors to basically rip the lace.  Not the prettiest of solutions, but it worked.  After that, it was a piece of cake to load up my kicks with their new laces, which, I must say look pretty flashy.


I could have cut down the end of the laces, but I get paranoid that I’ll tie them differently the next time I need to and won’t have enough lace.

The next test was seeing just how well I could slip on the shoes with the laces intended to making slipping on the shoes a dream.  Behold.

So, yeah, they work exactly as advertised, making very quick work of the shoeing.  This will really help cut down on that T2 time!

Next, I took them for a run to see how they’d perform, which, arguably, is as important as how they are put on.   Well, I’m happy to report that the stretch laces performed…like regular laces.  I wish there was more to say about them, but probably the best endorsement I can give is that I did not notice them being any different from standard laces.


These are good laces and they will make you put your shoes on faster.  If you’re looking to speed up your transition times and/or want to keep your lacing constant, you should do yourself a favor and get a pair.

Disclosure: NiteIze sent me these laces for free to review.  However, all my opinions expressed are my own.


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