Quick Review: Speedo Air Seal Tri Goggle

I’ve recently become comfortable with the idea of calling myself a “cyclist” in addition to “runner” and “triathlete.”  To me, that means that I actually really enjoy riding my bike, even if it’s not “training.”  I’ve even done some pure bike races, with nary a transition to be found!  When it comes to swimming, however, I am still a triathlete who has to train in the pool.  I am not a “swimmer,” though I am working on that and have even found it enjoyable from time to time.  That said, I look absolutely terrible in the water.

Bad Swim

Don’t look at this too long, or your form may suffer as well.

All the same, I figured I’d share some impressions on my new goggles that I purchased during the City Sports going out of business sale, the Speedo Air Seal Tri goggle.  Of course, I’m a sucker for anything “tri-specific,” and these goggles promised to have the most comfortable eye gaskets, which is something I’ve had issues with for other goggles.  The ones I got are mirrored, helping to reduce open water sun glare, presumably.


And, oh, what’s that?  That’s just my finisher’s backpack from Timberman, big deal.

The straps adjust in back just by pulling.  I found the system works pretty well and you don’t have clips to fiddle with on the side of your head that might dig into your temple.  I’ve not had any issues with the straps coming loose or, for that matter, leaks in the gaskets.  Similarly, no issues with fogging yet.


As for comfort, in the couple of swims I’ve worn them for so far, the eye gaskets are as comfortable as advertised.  They feel soft against the face and create a nice seal.  No complaints there.  However, if you take a look at the picture, you’ll notice the nose bridge doesn’t look all that soft.  In fact, it’s not.  I’m not sure if it’s plastic, but it’s hard and rigid and I can definitely see the potential for it to dig into your nose if that’s the way your face is shaped.  It hasn’t been an issue for me yet, but I haven’t worn them for a truly extended swim yet.  I will update this post should it become intolerable.  All in all, I really like these goggles so far and hope they continue to perform well!

For size and comfort reference, I’d note that I like the Speedo MDR 2.4, and wore them for Timberman, though they do start to put pressure on my eyes after a while, and DO NOT like the Aqua Sphere Kayenne, which has a habit of leaking on me.

So, apparently it is possible to have a blog post under 1000 words!  Happy swimming all you swimmers, and happy training in the pool everyone else!


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