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Reebok? Reebok. Time to Floatride.

March 30, 2017

Listen, I won’t beat around the bush, I’ve long used Reebok as the butt of many a running shoe joke. Yes, I make a lot of running shoe jokes. Yes, that is not a particularly compelling source of comedy for the greater population, but I stick to what I know for my humor. Mostly, I’ve focused on the brand’s constant reversion to gimmicks to sell sneakers, rather than just making a good pair of running shoes, think DMX cushioning. I say all this not to rag on Reebok, but to say to you that I came to the Reebok Floatride as an extreme skeptic, prepared to add it to the heap of previous efforts, notably the “all-terrain” shoe.


So, with that introduction, we come to the new Reebok Floatride shoe. The shoe is built around Reebok’s new Floatride cushioning. According to Reebok, the cell structure of the midsole foam, which delivers “the optimal mix of cushioning and responsiveness so you can float through your run.” It is supposed to be lighter than traditional EVA foam as well. This foam took Reebok 6 years to develop and, based on my experience so far, it was time well spent.


Here you can see some of the other features that set the Floatride apart from the competition, in particular the lace cage (the black plastic diamonds), the stretchy knit upper, and the heel cup. According to Reebok, the heel cup is made in a bra factory, which seems to be a trend in the shoe industry these days. I don’t have a weight to report, but I can say that this shoe feels light. I’d put it in the same category as the Brooks Launch. Drop is 8 mm.

The combination of the heel cup and knit upper that extends fairly far up the foot can make putting on this shoe a little bit of a challenge, particularly because the upper can get bunched if you aren’t careful. For this reason, I can’t recommend it as a triathlon option, even though I do think it would be comfortable barefoot. That said, once you get it on, the “socklike” fit is comfortable, with the heel cup feeling soft but supportive enough, and seamless knit upper wrapping your foot.

When it comes to the lacing, I was worried about how the cage system would work, particularly with only three eyelets.


As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry. You can’t tie the shoes up like you normally would with your other shoes, but it is definitely possible to tie them up to the point where you feel like your foot is locked in. Personally, I leave the top knot a little looser on these shoes than I might with a different shoe, otherwise I get a painful spot on the top of my foot.

Traction comes via a sort of conveyor belt/waffle looking tread that seems to get the job done.


Once you get the shoe on, you immediately can feel the difference in the Floatride cushioning, much the same way you can feel the bounce in a pair of adidas Boosts. It’s the kind of bounce that makes you go “ooooh, I want to run in these.” Sure, it sounds hyperbolic, but put a pair on and you’ll see what I mean.


I’ve now put in two treadmill runs with these shoes, and can comfortably say that I really do like this shoe a lot. There is most definitely a springiness to the ride that doesn’t veer off into the bouncy softness of early Hokas. It’s just there enough to provide a unique run experience that makes a run fun, and this is from a guy who generally likes a fairly firm shoe. As a “Barney Rubble” footed individuals (narrow heel, wide forefoot) I can report no blister issues.

Now, during my first run I had some pain along the outside of my feet where the lace cage met the midsole. That pain disappeared after about 20 minutes and I didn’t have it the second run.


A second caveat is that if you believe you need a shoe to prevent overpronation, this is not the shoe for you. I overpronate. I used to wear motion control shoes to prevent overpronation, but no longer do and have been much happier in neutral shoes. But, again if you are looking for a shoe you will not overpronate in, this is not that shoe.


So, my final verdict? The Reebok Floatride should absolutely be on your list to consider if you are looking for a lightweight, neutral, “responsive” cushioned trainer. I consider myself a convert to the Reebok brand and look forward to what they come out with featuring their Floatride cushioning in the future.


Disclaimer: I received these shoes free of charge from Reebok as part of their Reebok Elite program, but all opinions expressed are mine, and mine alone.


A Post For Shoe Geeks: City/Race-Specific Running Shoes

April 7, 2014

Disclaimer: This post isn’t about reviewing shoes, or providing commentary, or judgment.  It’s about looking at pretty pictures of shoes.

The Boston Marathon is now a grand total of 2, count ’em 2, weeks away, which always means a flurry of new running sneaker models and colorways from all the top brands.  One tradition that has taken root in recent years is the release of special, limited edition shoes specifically tied to a particular race, or sometimes just to a city itself.  This year is no different, with both Saucony and New Balance releasing shoes commemorating Boston.  First, here’s the Saucony Kinvara 5, only available at Marathon Sports.

lateral_1024x1024 frontquarter_1024x1024


Next, the New Balance 890 v4.



I got to thinking, what are some other examples of city-specific shoes?  As it turns out, there’s a plethora of examples out there.  Some are wicked cool, some wicked boring, and others that just make me want to say:


So, the goal of this post is simple: Share a bunch of cool shoes that have been released over the years with my awesome readers.  This list is kind of meant to be exhaustive, but likely failed in that attempt.  Where possible (read “I remembered”) I’ve noted the model of the shoe, though often without the year.  If you are really curious, I suggest you Ask Jeeves.  If I’ve missed a shoe, please feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll add it.  By and large, if a shoe was released with only a limited edition colorway, as opposed to specific details associated with a city/race, I left it off the list.  With all those disclaimers in place, here goes.


adizero Boston “NYC”



Supernova Sequence 2 Boston Marathon 2012

Supernova Sequence 2 Boston


Gel Lyte-33 Los Angeles Marathon

Asics LA Marathon 2014 Gel Lyte  33 1


Kayano 20 NYC

Kayana 20 NYC 1 Kayano NYC 2

Nimbus 15 NYC

Nimbus 15 NYC 2 Nimbus 15 NYC

Nimbus 15 – 2014 Barcelona Marathon


2012 GT-2000 NYC Marathon



2012 Osaka Marathon Wave Rider




Mizuno OSAKA MARATHON 2012 Limited edition Men's Mizuno OSAKA MARATHON 2012 Limited edition Women's


Wave Rider 8 Osaka Edition

Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 Osaka RS Marathon

Inspire 8 Osaka Marathon 2011

mizuno-wave-inspire-8-osaka-1 mizuno-wave-inspire-8-osaka-2 mizuno-wave-inspire-8-osaka-4 mizuno-wave-inspire-8-osaka-5

Osaka Marathon 2013 Wave Rider (My personal favorite)

Mizuno Rider Osaka Marathon 2013

Wave Rider 17 Fuji Marathon

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Fuji Marathon Rainbow Mens


860 Taxi Edition (NYC)


890v4 NYC

890 v4 nyc 1


890 v4 nyc 2

890 NYC

890 NYC 1

990v3 NYC

990v3 NYC 1 990v3 NYC 2 990v3 NYC 3


00158174-NEW_BALANCE_990v3_NYC-00_1 00158174-NEW_BALANCE_990v3_NYC-03

860v3 NYC Marathon 2012

NYC 2012 860 1 NYC 2012 860 2 NYC 2012 860 3 NYC 2012 860 4

890 London

NB 890 London 1 NB 890 London 2 NB 890 London 3

890 v4 Rome Marathon



826 Chicago 2007 (Only a picture of the insoles could be found online)

Chicago Soles

890 v2 Boston 2012

2012 Boston NB 890 3 2012 Boston new-balance-890-marathon-edition-01 2012 Boston new-balance-890-marathon-edition-02

890 v3 Boston 2013

2013 NB 890 v 3 Boston 1 2013 NB 890 v 3 Boston 2 2013 NB 890 v 3 Boston 3 2013 NB 890 v 3 Boston 4

990 Paul Revere Edition Boston 2013


Boston 2014 990v3

990v3 1 990v3 2 990v3 3


890v3 Tokyo

890v3 Tokyo 1 890v3 Tokyo 2

890v4 Tokyo

890v4 Tokyo 2 890v4 Tokyo


Disney Shoes (Sorry I don’t have the patience to parse through all these and label them, so enjoy the pretty shoes)

2014 NB Run Disney disney-2014-new-balance-running-shoe disney-running-shoe-new-balance-2014 Goofy goofy-disney-run-2014-shoes kids-new-balance-disney-shoes photo-23_thumb photo-28_thumb


San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon Lunarglide+ 5

Nike-LunarGlide-5-Womens-Marathon-Womens-Running-Shoe Nike-LunarGlide-5-Womens-Marathon-Womens-Running-Shoe-640938_301_A


2012 Nike Women’s Marathon Lunarglide+ 4

Nike-Womens-Marathon-Lunarglide+-4-1 Nike-Womens-Marathon-Lunarglide+-4-2 Nike-Womens-Marathon-Lunarglide+-4-3 Nike-Womens-Marathon-Lunarglide+-4-5

2013 Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC Collection 

nike-georgetown-we-run-dc-footwear-exclusives-01 url-3 url-5 url-11


Lunarglide+ 4 Chicago Marathon

nike-lunarglide-4-chicago-marathon-1 nike-lunarglide-4-chicago-marathon-2

Lunarglide+2 Chicago Marathon


Lunarglide+5 Chicago Marathon



Kinvara 2 Canada


Kinvara 4 Paris

Kinvara Paris

Kinvara 4 Boston


Kinvara 4 Kona Ironman

Saucony-Kinvara-4-Kona_1 Saucony-Kinvara-4-Kona_3

Kinvara 4 NYC Viziglow

Saucony-Kinvara-4-NYC-Viziglo Saucony-Viziglo-Kinvara-4-NYC


GOMeb Speed 2 NYC

GoMeb Speed 2 NYC

GORun Ride 3 Houston

Skechers GORun Ride 3 Houston 1 Skechers GORun Ride 3 Houston 2